Jukka Rautiainen, Bookers Finland Oy

"Our cooperation began when our business connection recommended that we change our accounting firm. At first we had doubts: changing the accounting firm can be laborious. And an accounting firm really does matter, because it is a so to speak necessary evil.

Fortunately we decided to change – our cooperation of already over ten years with Larsen & Co has offered us a considerable competitive advantage and support in the development of our business and in decision-making. In addition to traditional accounting firm services, we have received invaluable help in matters related to legislation and contractual technique, from partner arrangements to collaboration agreements, and in different regulations and obligations related to business operations. The benefit we gain has been so significant, that we decided to invite Markku to be our company's Chairman of the Board in 2014.

One of the most important things during the long cooperation has been the correct attitude and approach. We want to be dynamic, open and productive; therefore it is pleasant to work with a partner, with whom things are taken care of and who is genuinely interested in helping and clarifying things when we ask for advice.

I maintain that our cooperation is more than just a client-principal relationship. Larsen & Co is an important strategic partner for us. In our case, the business itself has also become partly interactive and we have also been able to offer certain parts of our business to Larsen & Co.

So, if you are thinking of changing your accounting firm, I for one encourage you to turn to Markku, and at least learn about their operation."

Heikki Sipilä, HS Foils Oy

"An accounting firm makes sure that statutory payments, such as taxes and insurance premiums are paid on time and that the payroll works. The arrangement suits us extremely well, because we can focus on our core competence without having to worry about financial or payroll administration. In our nanotechnology start-up, we develop and manufacture ultra-thin windows used in x-ray radiation detectors, among other things.

Our company has been operating since 2010. We six, who founded the company, each represent the expertise of different technologies of the Aalto University. I am a doctor of technology, the topic of my thesis was technical physics. I have worked in large organisations throughout my career, and have never had to handle insurance matters, for instance, on my own.

Larsen & Co has helped our company in all its phases ever since it was founded. Since we are involved in the European Space Agency ESA's projects, we also have project specific bookkeeping, which is taken care of by Larsen & Co. Our accounting firm has also done a great job solving any issues related to invoicing, which ESA had with the Finnish tax authorities. It is not so easy to manage the accounts of such a start-up company, which almost completely relies on export and yet has all its expenses in Finland. Therefore, we are extremely satisfied with the diverse competence of Larsen & Co.

In my opinion, a small company really benefits from using a competent accounting firm. It is cost-effective and one can better focus on the core operation of the company."

Veijo Votkin, CHEF WOTKINS

"On 9 February 1978, my employer Kalevi Tervo told me that he was going to close down the company. Today is the last working day. He had barely finished the sentence when I had already made a decision to continue as an entrepreneur in the meat wholesale market, if the city granted me a two-metre-long counter, which would be my company's "sale room". Kalevi recommended me, and I got the stretch of table. In addition, Tervo gave me a lot of great advice. He finished by saying: "you don't stand a chance as an entrepreneur if your accounts aren't at Hörhammer's". I was a "good buddy" with Hörhammer, because we patronised the same dance restaurant every week. We did not really dine that many times, but there was plenty of music and drinks...
Hörhammer welcomed me as his customer. After a year, when I visited the office, Hörhammer introduced his new recruit to me. We shook hands and continued to Marius' room. While sitting there with him, my first words were that the new boy seemed very quiet. Marius Hörhammer explained that he had interviewed a large number of people who applied to his accounting firm. "This one was the best," was Marius' response to my doubts. The boy's name was and is Markku Larsen. He told the "boy" was the best member of his staff, that's why he would transfer my company's accounts to him.
About 16 years later, Markku started his own accounting firm. I became his customer. Years have passed, I've established new companies. Accounting firm Larsen & Co has taken care of the memorandums of association, bookkeeping, closings of accounts, payroll, etc.
Long customer relationships are appreciated in business. Most important in customer relationships are trust with customers and cooperation with the accounting firm. There used to be an ad campaign on the telly, saying there are two things I would not change. In our case, one of them is the accounting firm and the other..."





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